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What We Do
Neutral Investigations Services

Ensuring strict compliance with the ever-changing landscape of workplace law and regulation is more important than ever for employers large and small. Legislation and case-law designed to ensure transparency in organizational governance, equity and fairness in the implementation of terms of employment, and prompt discovery and resolution of harassment and discrimination concerns have in turn made it necessary for employers to effectively use internal investigations as a tool to gather critical factual information in a sensitive yet thorough manner, providing the foundation for strategic decision-making satisfying rigorous legal standards.

At Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP, we teach investigations, and we do investigations. As further emphasized in our nationally-renowned educational programs, for almost two decades we have worked with human resources professionals, in-house attorneys, risk-management experts, ethics officers, and security professionals, to obtain the skills they need to understand everything necessary to ensure your organization is equipped to conduct a comprehensive investigation from start to finish. From claim intake, through effective questioning techniques, credibility assessment, and critical documentation, our Hirschfeld Kraemer experienced attorney-investigators have trained thousands of professionals on the art and practice of neutral investigation.

And we practice what we preach. In all our offices, we are staffed with senior attorneys who have served as neutral investigators on hundreds of matters, assisting a broad range of employers in dealing with the most difficult and serious of their internal personnel complaints. We have conducted investigations of claims made against senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, chief administrators of public utilities and large municipalities, University presidents, and concerns involving front-level supervisors and non-supervisory personnel. The types of claims mirror the breadth of clients served – internal discrimination and harassment complaints, corporate fraud, workplace threats, and ethics violations; our senior team of investigators has the know-how and resources to deal with the most difficult investigation situations. It is for this reason that for over six years Hirschfeld Kraemer has been under contract with the City of Los Angeles to serve on its panel of investigators concerning discrimination and harassment claims made against elected officials. No other firm has Hirschfeld Kraemer's unique combination of skills and experience serving as neutral in the high-stakes environment such investigations present.

Integrity, credibility, independence and experience – these are the hallmarks of Hirschfeld Kraemer's unique investigative services.