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What We Do
Public Sector

Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP's Public Sector group works on a daily basis with cities, counties, community colleges and other public employers. The public sector group is headed by experts who have a broad scope of experience and first hand understanding of the issues affecting public sector employers. We have attorneys who have worked in government as legal counsel or policy makers for government agencies.

One of the many ways that Hirschfeld Kraemer is unique is the fact that we serve both public and private sector employers. While public and private sector employers have fundamentally different missions, labor and employment trends affect the public and private sector equally. We speak with the authority of proven experience and success in both sectors, providing further benefit and economy to our clients.

Hirschfeld Kraemer public sector attorneys are regularly called upon to handle labor and employment law projects that are exceptionally challenging – on legal, political, and operational levels – and we are known for our resourcefulness, sophistication and practicality in handling these matters. The Firm’s public sector group routinely provides representation, training, and advice on a broad range of labor and employment matters. Our extensive public sector labor relations and employment law background includes attorneys with decades of experience advising public agencies and educational institutions on litigation, arbitrations, labor negotiations, grievances, wage and hour matters, tenure issues, cases before the Public Employment Relations Board, the Brown Act, public safety officer matters, investigations and a full range of employment and education law matters that confront our clients.

In addition to the Firm’s Training Programs, we provide training that is specifically tailored to the unique needs of our public sector clients. We have provided training on investigations and discipline, negotiations strategies, tenure review, intellectual property rights, conducting a winning arbitration, evaluation, hiring and other topics.