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What We Do
Appellate Practice

Hirscheld Kraemer LLP has an active and successful appellate practice. We have, for example:

  • Prevailed in both the California Court of Appeal and the California Supreme Court on an issue of first impression concerning an employer’s entitlement to attorneys' fees under the California Labor Code
  • Obtained the complete reversal of an $8.2 million punitive damages verdict in a wrongful termination case brought by a former physician
  • Obtained a new trial on a former university professor’s discrimination claims in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals due to the erroneous admission of testimony from a “racism” expert
  • Successfully defended an order granting a new trial after an adverse jury verdict against a university client, in both the California Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court

Whether your organization is appealing an adverse trial court result, defending the appeal of a trial court success, or seeking review by the highest state or federal court, Hirschfeld Kraemer attorneys will be zealous and effective advocates on your behalf.