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What We Do
Employment Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP's attorneys represent employers, both private and public, in a broad array of litigation matters. We have extensive experience before state and federal courts, as well administrative agencies, such as the Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board. We regularly represent employers in the defense of wrongful discharge, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, non-compete, defamation, and related labor and employment claims. We partner with our clients to determine a litigation strategy that will achieve outstanding results, regardless of whether it is a single plaintiff discrimination case or a class action wage and hour matter.

We are not “scorched earth” litigators. Rather, we are thoughtfully aggressive. At the outset of litigation, we work with our clients to define what success on a given litigation matter might mean for the organization. There is no one way to litigate an employment matter, and while our singular focus on labor and employment law means that we have significant expertise in the law to maximize our efficiency, we keep in mind that success means something different in each case.

As early as possible, we determine whether the case can be dismissed by motion. We tailor our case strategy accordingly and we conduct written discovery and take depositions to aggressively pursue that goal. Our outstanding success rate in having the case dismissed reflects our expertise in artfully weaving the facts and the law in a compelling manner for the judge who decides the motion, thereby avoiding the time and expense of a trial for our client.

When our client makes a decision with us that a case needs to be tried, we at Hirschfeld Kraemer look forward to the challenge and really shine. Our confidence is the product of our expertise in the subject matter, good instincts, hard work and perseverance to see a case through to the end. We apply state-of-the-art technology to the case preparation and presentation and we tirelessly work to maximize our client’s opportunity to persuade both judge and jury. The firm’s jury and bench trial experience has earned us an excellent reputation in the legal community and, more importantly, with opposing counsel. Plaintiffs’ attorneys know that we will not back down from any trial and that we can persuasively and successfully convey our client’s message to the jury.

At trial, our recent successes include:

  • A plaintiff in a defamation suit in Alameda County agreed to dismiss his lawsuit after the cross-examination by a Hirschfeld Kraemer attorney on the third day of trial.
  • In Sacramento County, we obtained a complete defense verdict after a four week jury trial on claims of sexual harassment and failure to prevent sexual harassment.
  • In Alameda County, we obtained a complete defense verdict after a five week jury trial on claims of retaliation and constructive discharge.
  • In San Francisco, we obtained a complete defense verdict after a two week jury trial on claims of wrongful discharge and disability discrimination.

The attorneys at Hirschfeld Kraemer will aggressively and intelligently represent employers at any stage in the litigation process. We will work closely with you to ensure we achieve the success you want.