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What We Do
Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention

It is an unfortunate fact of the 21st century workplace: the prevention and assessment of threats, whether internal or external, is of critical importance to the central goal of ensuring a safe working environment. Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP, since its inception, has been a nationally-recognized law firm leader in working together with forensic medical professionals and security experts to forge a multi-disciplinary approach to crisis management and workplace violence prevention. Using its own proprietary educational materials, created in conjunction with leading members of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) as well as top mental health experts, the Firm has organized and trained dozens of national Workplace Violence Prevention Teams for Fortune 500 companies, public school districts, and safety-sensitive regional and local businesses. Our curriculum meets and well exceeds the standards set by federal and state Occupational Safety and Health oversight agencies, and our Firm’s specialists in this area have been featured speakers at the national ATAP and American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) conferences.

In addition to the training component, Hirschfeld Kraemer is on the front-lines in assisting with threat assessment and intervention concerning the “troubling” employee, and provides invaluable experience in coordinating relevant legal issues, including fitness-for-duty and disability accommodation advice, with the paramount practical concerns of minimizing the threat while ensuring the welfare of the affected workplace. From initial assessment through obtaining and enforcing a restraining order, Hirschfeld Kraemer is passionately committed to helping employers navigate this critical aspect of the modern workplace.