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What We Do
Traditional Labor Services

With partners whose prior job experiences range from serving as a union president of a large east coast teachers' union to serving as a supervising attorney at the National Labor Relations Board, the attorneys at Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP are uniquely qualified to work side-by-side with you and your Company, college or agency to obtain the labor relations objectives that you need in order to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible in what is becoming an increasingly competitive environment.

Whether you are faced with a union organizing petition filed with the National Labor Relations Board, the subject of an unfair labor practice charge, or facing challenging union negotiations, Hirschfeld Kraemer will provide you with advice and counsel from attorneys who have practiced in this highly specialized area of the law for over three decades.

As one of our larger, unionized clients recently commented to one of our partners, "when we really need to win a big arbitration, Hirschfeld Kraemer is the firm we call." We provide comprehensive training for supervisors in a program entitled "Managing Effectively Under a Collective Bargaining Agreement."  We are confident that the services we provide will help you implement and achieve a labor relations environment that will maximize employee morale and productivity.