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What We Do
Wage and Hour Practice

Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP's wage and hour practice group is headed by experts in state and federal wage and hour law, who regularly write and speak in this highly technical and increasingly important area. We provide the full range of services, from compliance counseling to training to defense of wage and hour class actions.

Wage and hour has become a hotbed of litigation, and as many employers have discovered the hard way, a proactive and preventive compliance approach is essential. Beyond providing day-to-day advice and counsel, we specialize in performing compliance audits, including exemption classification audits, on both a large and small scale. We also create and review compensation plans and policies to further employers' goals while ensuring compliance with the law. We help our clients become experts, too, providing training to managers and human resource professionals on topics ranging from wage and hour basics to overtime exemptions to conducting classification audits.

Hirschfeld Kraemer has extensive experience defending employers when they find themselves the target of a governmental audit or legal claims. We regularly represent employers in audits by state and federal wage/hour and tax agencies, administrative proceedings before the California Labor Commissioner and other agencies, lawsuits alleging wage/hour violations brought by individuals, wage and hour class actions, and appellate-level proceedings. We are one of the few firms to have actually tried a wage and hour class action, and have been involved in cutting edge appellate litigation in the state and federal courts.

Whether your organization wants to ensure that it is in compliance with the complex set of rules that make up wage and hour law, is the target of a governmental audit, faces an administrative wage claim or a lawsuit by an individual or a class of employees, Hirschfeld Kraemer's attorneys will provide practical and effective assistance and demonstrate why we have earned our reputations as leaders in this field.